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PolyDome Silo Accessories

PolyDome has the silo accessories you need to make feeding times faster and your chores easier. The PolyDome Swivel Hopper, Silo Hopper, Clean Chute and Chute Liner work in combination to deliver high-moisture silage to your feeding area where you need it, when you need it, without the hassles of plugging and clogging. Plus, they keep your silo chute clean and accessible.

The PolyDome Swivel Hopper is the perfect delivery system for your silo. It allows 220° of rotation to put silage where you need it. Made of high-impact polyethylene, the Swivel Hopper out performs other materials for slipperiness to allow clean discharge without plugging or

  Standard Features:
  • Allows 220° rotation
  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Slippery surface reduces bridging, and plugging
  • Steel support frame allows easy pull out for access
  • Fast, easy installation and set-up
  • All mounting hardware included

bridging. It has a deep throat to handle high-moisture haylage.

The 10” funnel opening will accommodate our 10” plastic pipe extension. (Pipe is available in 3’ lengths.) The opening can be enlarged to nearly 12” by cutting off a few inches from the tapered funnel. You can direct silage to a conveyor to save handling time.

The PolyDome Silo Hopper has most of the same features of our Swivel Hopper except it is onepiece and does not swivel.

Our mounting brackets attaches directly to the silo with 4 anchor bolts. The Swivel Hopper or Silo Hopper can then be simply pulled out like a drawer to allow easy access to the silo chute. No attachment to the silo chute is needed.

 Swivel Hopper Sizes

 PD3228 32" Wide x 28 " Deep
 PD3530 35" Wide x 30" Deep
 PD4230 42" Wide x 30" Deep
 PD4442 40" Wide x 42" Deep


Removes easily for cleaning or silo chute access

Removes easily for cleaning or silo chute access

PolyDome Silo Hopper

PolyDome Silo Hopper

PolyDome Clean Chute

PolyDome Clean ChuteThe PolyDome Clean Chute was designed as a low-cost way to keep your silo chute clean when used with an inexpensive poly bag all the way down to the bottom of the chute. The Clean Chute slips in to the chute doorway.

  Standard Features:  
  • Works with any blower or conveyor system
  • 9” Funnel with clamp-on collar holds 9” plastic tubing
  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Easy cleaning
  • Slippery surface reduces bridging, and plugging
  • Slips in behind silo chute door frame to allow easy removal for access
  • Fast, easy installation and

You simply cut off the excess bag as you move the Clean Chute down.

The PolyDome Clean Chute is 24” wide x 28” tall. The unit will fit in a door opening as small as 17” x 21” x 9” deep. It removes easily for access. The Clean Chute has a new snap clip design to securely hold the bag. (Poly bag sold separately. Order to length, 19” and 21” lay flat sizes available.)


Clean Chute

 PD2032 Clean Chute

PolyDome Chute Liner

PolyDome Chute LinerOur new PolyDome Chute Liner is molded especially for relining silo chutes. Unlike our competition, thePolyDome Chute Liner is made of heavy-gauge polyethylene.
  Standard Features:
  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • Easy to clean–keeps chute clean
  • Slippery surface reduces bridging
  • Translucent material allows light in chute
  • Available in 6’ lengths
  • Fast, easy installation
  • All mounting hardware included
Its slippery surface helps keep your silo chute clean. The translucent Chute Liner can be used to add light in the silo chute by cutting a 12” x 12” hole in the outside chute every 6 feet. The Chute Liner is 52” wide and 6’1” long to give 6’ of coverage. It’s easy to install. Simply strike a line in the center of the chute from top to bottom. Mark the center of the Chute Liner at top and bottom; position on line; and screw in place. Screw directly through Chute Liner into chute using standard sheet metal screws.

  Chute Liner

 PD2024 Chute Liner