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PolyDome Mega Hut

PolyDome Mega HutPolyDome introduces the largest member of our animal shelters – Mega Hut. This jumbo-size hut has multiple uses. It makes an excellent utility shed for mobile homes and back yards.

The standard Mega Hut comes in 4 quarter sections that assemble easily, to make a 10’ x 10’ square x 8’ tall building or add 5’ extension panels to make it as long as you want. The unique design allows you add as many sections as you need and expand as your needs

  Standard Features:
  • Comes in 4 sections that bolt together
  • Made from high-impact, UV stabilized polyethylene
  • 10’ Square x 8’ tall
  • Weighs approximately 425 pounds
  • Easy cleaning
  • Available in 2 standard colors: White Opaque or Natural
  • Other colors also available

change. It’s totally free-standing, so you can move it anywhere–no foundation is required. A treated wood base frame is suggested for added stability.

Mega Hut works well for raising emu and ostriches and multiple calves after they are taken out of the calf huts. In fact, Mega Hut provides a warm, dry shelter suitable for raising animals of all sizes and breeds.

The Mega Hut has several different door options and configurations to fit your needs: A full-height, double opening, 46” wide door (ideal for ostrich) is available. Or order our optional 6’ x 6’ door kit which comes with two 3’ x 6’ door panels and a frame kit.

You may choose to leave the end open or install a regular storm door.

The PolyDome Mega Hut is made from UV stabilized polyethylene, so it is strong, durable, and easily cleaned. It can be made from opaque material to reflect the sun’s rays, or natural material to absorb the suns’ rays to help heat and dry the unit. Or combine both materials and rotate it to face the direction needed for the season.

Additional Options:

With 5’ extension panels you can add to the length at any time. Other options include roof vents, side vents, and a turbine fan that can be installed in the roof for superior ventilation.

 Turbine Fan with adapter

 Turbine Fan with adapter

 Below–Trough feeder with metal stand

 Below–Trough feeder with metal stand. 99” long x 29” wide x 11.5” deep.

Optional Roof Vent

 Optional Roof Vent


 Mega Hut with full-height, double-opening doors.

Mega Hut with optional 6' x 6' door kit

 Mega Hut with optional 6’ x 6’ door kit.

Mega Hut with user installed storm door.

Mega Hut with user installed storm door.