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Polydome Calf Warmer

PD-6536 Calf Warmer
General Info

The PolyDome Calf Warmer provides a comfortable environment for newborn calves for the first few hours after birth. The top section is hinged, and removable, for calf entry. The floor is raised and slotted for easy heat circulation of the entire unit. There is a vent/peep hole on one end for proper ventilation and viewing the calf without opening the unit. The bottom is ribbed, and the front rounded, for easy transportation. The front is molded to accept an optional steel hitch for towing.

The PolyDome Calf Warmer comes complete with a deluxe, high performance, 110 volt heater. The heater has 3 heat settings and 2 fan settings for proper regulation under most temperature conditions.

 The entire unit is made of medium density polyethylene for long-lasting durability and easy cleaning.


 PD-6536 Calf Warmer
 Made from durable,medium density polyethylene
  • 24" Wide x 50" long x 45" tall; lower section 16" deep
  • Removable top section
  • Easy cleaning
  • Raised, slotted floor
  • Stainless steel support system
  • Ribbed bottom
  • Vent/Peep hole
  • Deluxe, high-performance, 110 volt, 2-speed heater

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Calf Warmer Complete–PD-6536 


Vent/peep hole for proper ventilation
and viewing 


Bottom is ribbed, rounded on the front,
and molded to accept an optional hitch
for easy transportation 


Optional rigid hitch for easy


Deluxe, high-performance heater is
enclosed in a moisture-resistant box. 


The raised, slotted floor allows for
adequate warm air circulation. It can
be lifted out for easy cleaning and
disinfecting. PolyDome uses Stainless
Steel for the supports.