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Big Foot Calf Nursery

Big Foot Calf NurseryPoly Square Big Foot

The Big Foot has all the features of the Poly Square, but it is 12" longer (7'6'), and comes standard with the rear vent system.

The Big Foot will give you superb growth and healthier lung power needed for proper development into higher producing herds.

As stated in Country Folks, May 8, 1989 by Dr. Howard Larsen, Professor Emeritus Dairy Science Department, University of Wisconsin– "Properly designed, the calf hutch can be an excellent management tool which allows the calf to be comfortable,

  Standard Features:
  • White opaque material to knock out sun heat
  • Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene.
  • 5' Wide x 7'6" long
  • Weighs approx. 130 pounds
  • Stackable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy access bottle holder
  • Bucket holder with 2 – 5-quart buckets
  • Fence brackets
  • Rear vent
  • Center flow adjustable vent

disease free, and grow to her genetic capacity. Calves will then thrive, not merely survive, and become long-lived, healthy productive animals in the herd."

The Poly Square Big Foot is constructed of opaque material to eliminate the solar effect. It blocks out the sun’s heat–not sunlight. The Big Foot’s inverted ribs and 5’(w)x7’6”(l) stance make it extremely wind resistant–with the largest footprint of any unit on the market today. And like the Poly Square it has no pop rivets which means no breaks or cracks for snow and rain to sift in.

The Poly Square Big Foot has the biggest sleeping area of any calf hutch on the market today (38 square feet).

NOTE: Left side feed standard. Right side, and rear feed configurations available.


 Rear Vent  Rear Feeder
 Rear Vent
 Fence Feeder
 Rear Feeder